Elle MacPherson Reveals She Didn't Truly Love Modeling

Elle MacPherson Reveals She Didn't Truly Love Modeling
Elle Macpherson
May 2023

Elle MacPherson is opening up about her true feelings about modeling, the profession that brought her into the limelight.

The 59-year-old was a guest on ITV's This Morning (via Daily Mail) recently where she opened up about her career, admitting that she "didn't love modelling but I love what modelling brought me."

Elle explained that she loves "creating imagery and producing and art directing and seeing magic come to life and it's been a beautiful means to an end for me because I travel, I'm independent and I have had a large scope of a career because of it."

When asked if modeling was the key to all the doors opening for her, Elle adds that she thinks "it's about us stepping through those doors, those doors can open but leaning into your heart, trusting your intuition and going "this feels right I'm going to take a step towards it."

Elle's main goal when entering model was to pay for education towards law school.

"My step father was a lawyer and I thought it was a very practical and stable career, but then life pulled me in a different direction," she says. "I wanted to be independent financially and [modeling] paid better, I was working in a pharmacy and a bar and it seemed to pay better so I listened to my heart and took a step towards it."

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